The Maine Association of Sea Kayak Guides and Instructors (MASKGI) is a non-profit organization of sea kayak outfitters, guides and instructors who embrace the highest of professional business practices and conduct. It is the founding principles of MASKGI and its members:

  • To preserve the natural resources and free enterprise system upon which we are dependant;
  • To protect the safety of the paddling public and our employees by providing safe, high quality services, equipment, and facilities; and
  • To promote education in sea kayaking safety and paddling skills as well as professionalism of the sea kayaking industry.

Each member by fact of their voluntary association in MASKGI agrees to abide by these precepts:

    1. Maintain and operate safe facilities, vehicles, kayaks, and equipment which comply with all applicable state and federal laws and regulations.
    2. Provide for the proper skills development, safety training and outfitting of guests, employed guides, instructors and other company personnel.
    3. Maintain adequate liability insurance.
    4. Practice the highest of ethical business standards by speaking favorably of others, abiding by contractual agreements, and promoting sea kayaking for the general good of the industry.
    5. Avoid engaging in predatory pricing practices and speaking negatively of others for the purpose of damaging the businesses and reputations of industry members.